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Bookkeeping stands as a critical component of all small businesses. It provides many benefits to your business. However, if you fall behind, bookkeeping can be a nightmare, and you can start to lose track of your finances.

As such, hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your small business may be ideal.

Sanjay Gupta & Associates, LLC provides weekly bookkeeping services to global small businesses. We take a customer-first approach to everything we do and take on the responsibility of improving your accounting prowess and bookkeeping. Our expert CPAs can help turn your company around and get you moving in a positive direction.

What Do Virtual Bookkeepers Do?

Virtual bookkeepers control your accounting duties remotely. While not much difference exists between a virtual bookkeeper and a full-time bookkeeper, you may save money by outsourcing your bookkeeping work.

The principal responsibilities of a virtual bookkeeper include the following tasks—record transactions, file receipts, send invoices and more.

Who Should Be Using Virtual Bookkeeping?

Each year, the number of digital transactions a small business deals with increases. With more digital transactions, virtual bookkeeping becomes more efficient.

If your company does a lot of business online, a remote bookkeeper may be of use. These transactions will automatically upload to your accounting software, making the job of a cloud accountant easier and more practical.

Weekly Accounting Tasks Virtual Bookkeepers Handle

One of the most vital things your small business can do is stay on top of your bookkeeping responsibilities. Virtual bookkeepers handle several weekly tasks that ensure your business never falls behind.

Record Transactions

One function that a virtual bookkeeper serves is helping your small business record financial transactions. These vital business transactions ensure accurate reporting and analyze what products or services perform well and which need improvement.

Professional bookkeepers have expertise in federal and state tax laws, ensuring you remain compliant.

Document and File Receipts

Another thing that a remote cloud accountant can help your small business with is documenting and filing receipts. Receipts come in handy in many scenarios. Namely, they help you keep track of sales and revenue and protect you in the event of an audit.

Remote bookkeepers will retain any receipts you receive to prepare for any situation if needed.

Review Unpaid Bills From Vendors

As a small business, you want to ensure that your vendors pay you what they owe. A virtual bookkeeping professional can keep track of your transactions with vendors in real-time.

Not receiving payments on time can affect your balance sheet and throw off your financial transactions.

Pay Vendors and Sign Checks

Alternatively, your business must ensure that you pay your vendors for their services. Not paying vendors on time can sour the valuable relationship that you share.

A virtual accountant will ensure you pay your invoices promptly and can sign checks on your business’s behalf. Maintaining your relationship with your vendors is crucial to managing your inventory and satisfying your clientele.

Prepare and Send Invoices

Cloud accountants also come in handy in the vital area of the preparation and delivery of invoices.

Invoices help bookkeepers track all money owed to your business and what your company must payout. Invoices also allow for record-keeping and analyzing a customer or vendor’s payment history.

Review Projected Cash Flow

Cash flow represents the lifeblood of any small business. A company cannot survive without a healthy cash flow.

Many companies that need assistance with their cash flow hire a virtual, weekly bookkeeping service to maximize their profits and decrease their outstanding debt.

Other Services Virtual Bookkeepers Provide

Let’s review some additional services that virtual bookkeepers provide to small businesses.

Accurate, Monthly Financial Reports

Once you can track all your small business expenses and liabilities, a bookkeeper can maintain an accurate record of cash each month.

These vital reports must contain accurate information, as you need to know how much income to report on your year-end taxes. Any inconsistencies with your monthly bookkeeping can cost your small business a lot of money.

Online Bookkeeping Reports

Virtual bookkeepers utilize cloud accounting software to manage your small business’s financials.

Bookkeeping software automates most of the accounting process, reducing the number of mistakes you make when reporting your financials. Reports allow business owners to identify what your company is doing right and what needs improvement.

Process Payroll and Approve Tax Payments

One of the more challenging tasks to balance for a small business owner lies in paying your employees appropriately. Naturally, entrepreneurs wish to pay their employees as much as possible.

However, most businesses can save a lot of money by consolidating their infrastructure.

Balance Your Business Checkbook

Online bookkeepers help you track down all your transactions so you can balance your checkbook each month. Unreported income can get you in trouble with the government.

If you cannot account for all your expenses, a court of law could penalize you or your small business.

Fill Out IRS Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC.

You have access to another great service as a weekly bookkeeper can assist small business owners by filling out their IRS forms. Professional accountants have the training and expertise in filling out tax forms, eliminating a lot of the confusion small business owners have when filling them out themselves.

Plus, a virtual CPA works to find deductions that your business can take advantage of.

Review and Approve Full-Year Financial Reports and Tax Returns

As a small business owner, you must ensure that you abide by federal and state tax laws. A professional bookkeeper can give you peace of mind by reviewing your full-year financial reports for any inconsistencies.

Small Business Owners Hire Virtual Bookkeepers to Save Time, Money, and Stress

For best results, you need to find a virtual bookkeeper with a solid and professional reputation who can lead your company down a path of success.

Sanjay Gupta & Associates, LLC is happy to take your call during business hours at (954) 727-3777. On the call, we can discuss providing weekly bookkeeping services to your small business!

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