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Filing taxes is often a complex process. Overlooking tax forms or deductions may lead to less of a tax refund or even an audit. To prevent any filing errors, consider working with the tax preparation professionals at Sanjay Gupta & Associates.

When Should You Work with a Tax Preparation Service?

If you need to claim any of the following on your return, you should consider working with a tax professional:

  • Investment gains or losses
  • Capital assets
  • Real estate transactions
  • Trust fund transactions
  • Self-employment income

You should also work with a tax preparation service if you own a small business. The additional tax responsibilities are much more complicated for small business owners compared to the responsibilities for the average taxpayer.

Tax preparation services are commonly used to help individuals and small businesses file annual tax returns. However, our services are available to help you comply with a wide range of tax obligations:

  • Individual tax returns
  • Quarterly estimated taxes
  • IRS tax payment plans
  • Tax return extensions

If you are a self-employed individual, you may need to pay quarterly estimated taxes throughout the year. We help review your situation and determine your tax liabilities to avoid penalties during your annual return.

Do you owe the IRS from previous tax returns? Allow us to determine the best solution for dealing with your past IRS debt. This may include establishing a tax payment installation agreement plan.

In some cases, individuals qualify for tax return extensions. This may provide an additional six months to prepare your taxes.

We can also review your taxes to reduce the risk of an audit. Instead of submitting the forms on your own, let our tax professionals look over your return and double-check for errors.

Save Time and Money with Experienced Tax Professionals

We are the preferred choice for tax preparation services in South Florida. Our clients count on our services for the following benefits:

  • Receive your full tax refund
  • Save time preparing your taxes
  • Reduce your risk of an audit
  • Receive answers to your tax questions
  • Receive advice for tax planning
  • Eliminate the stress of tax filing

If we uncover just one tax credit or deduction that you may have overlooked, we help save money on your return. Our goal is to help you obtain the largest return available based on your specific finances and tax obligations.

Using our tax preparation services also saves you time. It takes the average taxpayer about 20 hours to complete their own tax returns. Allow us to handle your taxes while you get back to your normal routine.

Hiring a tax professional reduces your risk of getting audited. Your income, unrealistic deductions, and simple filing errors increase your chance of a tax audit. The auditing process typically takes three to six months, delaying your tax return.

Many of our clients rely on us for professional tax advice. We can answer any questions that you have about your return. We also help you plan for the following tax season, providing strategies for reducing your liabilities and increasing your return.

These benefits lead to less stress. You can stop worrying about getting audited or not receiving the tax return that you deserve. If you want peace of mind, work with a tax professional.

Contact Sanjay Gupta for Expert Tax Preparation Services

We provide tax preparation services to cover all types of tax liabilities. You can rely on our professional CPAs to file your individual tax return or to deal with existing business tax problems.

While filing a tax return online may seem simple, the average taxpayer benefits from tax preparation services. A simple error or mistake may lead to a tax audit. Let us help you avoid an audit.

At Sanjay Gupta & Associates, we offer more than 30 years of experience serving the South Florida region. Our professional accounting and tax preparation services are available for businesses of all sizes and individuals.

Call us or send an email to schedule a consultation. Allow us to handle your taxes and get rid of the stress that comes with tax season.

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